Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Strangest sympathy usually comes from me

I'm not sure about you, but I've came across the blog of this, supposed, man, who whines because he didn't like products from Malaysia, very much obviously felt the wrath of an exasperated girl (probably while drunk in self-centred egotist-misogynist glory. I can't blame the girls), and anyway still feels the urge to condemn, rebuke, and very excitedly spew ridiculous assertions, perhaps with the mindset he has all the mental capacity and artful vocabulary that sometimes is tragically mistaken for eloquence and thus can spew his thoughtless opinions around.

And hello, he preens that he had attended nyps and the raffles family of schools, but surprise surprise, doesn't have room in his cranium for a little friend called Rational Thinking. ergo, common sense.

Poor, poor man. I really do hope he finally sees the good in mankind, judging from his numerous angst-ridden bursts of uncontrolled confusion and hopelessness.

This post is dedicated to him and everyone who has ever felt that way :) Maybe one day you'll realize. If only.

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